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Don't let the economy get you down

5 small luxuries you can afford

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4.) Personal “me” time. As a busy mom, I know that finding “me” time is a luxury. But when money is tight and stress is high, “me” time is more important than ever. It helps you to unwind, put things in perspective, and hopefully, realize that money isn’t everything. It may be difficult to find someone to watch your children so you can get away, but try to carve out at least a half hour in your 24-hour day to do something that relaxes you: read a book, go for a walk, give yourself a manicure/pedicure, or call one of your childhood friends to reminisce about the “good old” days. When that half hour is over, the stressor may still remain, but at least you’ll feel better and have a clear head.

5.) Good food. And I mean GOOD food. I’m talking about decadent, mouth-watering, “good” food. You know -- that meal you prepare on holidays or special occasions and everyone RAVES about it until you prepare it again? Yeah, that one. Now, make it more often. Good, healthy food is one area where it doesn’t pay to cut back. A fabulous reader, Sense to Dollars, on my personal finance blog said: “Healthy food at the grocery store [is my luxury]. Worth every penny! I don’t allow myself to buy shoes, clothes, and many other random household items, but I let myself buy whatever vegetable or fruit or other food I happen to be craving -- as long as it’s healthy.” Your health is dependent on what you put into your body, so don’t skimp on healthy food just because money is tight. Your mind and body will thank you for years to come.

As a bonus, additional small luxury ideas shared by Fabulous Financials readers include:
  • "This might sound crazy, but my small luxury is putting money into savings. Not many people automatically save money... so I find it a luxury that I CAN put away something."

  • "The little ones I enjoy -- a latte from Starbucks about once a week, a sweet treat in the afternoon (chocolate usually) a couple times a week, and an Oprah magazine each month."

  • "As a SAHM my one luxury that isn’t going anywhere is definitely my gym membership WITH childcare. It is one treat I do not want to live without. There is nothing like a good workout, followed by a hot shower, blow dry, AND time for putting on makeup all the while knowing my kids are being cared for."

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  • Fantastic suggestions!! Have to agree that The Body Shop's Satsuma line is terrific! Also agree that thrifty shopping is really great, and you can actually turn it into sort of a fun little hobby. It helps to view it that way, instead of focusing on hardship. I have come to enjoy seeing how much money I can save our family budget. Two additional suggestions to add: 1) Craigslist! I have gotten many great deals using this site. 2) if you love glossy magazines but can't splurge on the subscription price (the comment about getting Oprah's magazine made me think of this) check out your local public library. Most libraries let you check out magazines and I've been surprised to find what a wide range they have. Also, my local library has a second hand book and magazine shop to raise money. They sell donated magazines for, like, 20 cents each or something like that. Just pennies.

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