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Let's go fly a kite -- and have a fun family dinner outdoors

Chicken Spring Rolls make perfect picnic fare

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How about packing up some quick-and-easy dinner recipes, grabbing the family and a colorful kite, and heading to the nearest beach or park to fly a kite? What a great idea for some inexpensive family fun.

It's good exercise. Launching a kite and flying it together is a great activity the whole family can enjoy. Do you remember kite flying as a kid? I sure do. We'd get our kites to high up in the air they'd just be a tiny colored speck in the sky. Sadly, so many escaped to kite heaven, but many more were summoned back down into our waiting, excited arms. Sometimes my dad, an admitted Mr. Gadget, would hook the kite string roll to his drill and use the power tool to wind the kite in when our enthusiasm outstripped our energy. It's a great way to spend a glorious day or summer evening together.

If you need a craft for the kiddos in the afternoon, you could try building your kites from scratch. You need balsa wood crossbars, glue, tissue paper, string and a long streamer from which to make a tail. Another crafty idea is to buy kites and let the kids assemble and decorate them. Supervise the little ones, because kites are fragile and a broken kite is not a happy story.

Pack a large blanket to sit on for when you are ready to eat your dinner. Pack jackets for the kids in case they get cold in the breeze. Maybe pack a frisbee in case the wind disappoints or your kite-running days are behind you. And remember to research the Benjamin Franklin story so you can impress your listeners and teach weather safety, too.

Remember to choose a large, breezy open area free from power lines and other obstructions. Go to a high place, let our a little string, and run like crazy. As the wind catches the kite, let some more string out until it begins to go higher and higher.

What about dinner? Let's get to the good part. How about some spring rolls with tangy peanut dipping sauce? This is a great recipes to have the kids assemble for themselves. They can customize it just the way they like and they'll be excited to eat all those delicious vegetables. You can also substitute shrimp for chicken, just shell, clean and boil the shrimp then cut them in half lengthwise.

They're highly portable, packed with flavor, yummy and healthy enough for the kids, but  just the thing to satisfy adult tastes, too. Maybe pair it with a Riesling or a nice bottle of soda if that is more your speed. Even your hungriest kite fliers can grab and go. Add some vegetables and dip, and a batch of crispy cookies to round out your feast.

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