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How to be happy at work

Simple practices to begin right now

by Heather Mundell  |  5753 views  |  2 comments  |        Rate this now! 

Right about now, I could use something called a "Happiness Manifesto." How about you?

Alex Kjerulf is the author of the Happy at Work Manifesto. It's a free download, and it's worth posting on your bulletin board or tattooing on your forehead or placing wherever you can keep it top of mind.

The Manifesto is a wise and refreshing list of the 25 things you should know and do to make yourself happy at work.

The first key to success is to accept that you are responsible for creating your own happiness, and that you can do it even though there are unpleasant people, too much work, ridiculous red tape, and so on that you have to deal with.

Here are a few of my favorite points from the Happy at Work Manifesto:

Letting others know what makes me happy or unhappy at work is my responsibility. Wouldn't it be great if my boss and staff could read my mind and deliver what I want? Alas, since I'm restricted to operating in reality, I have to let them know myself.

Happiness at work is something I create now. Not after the reorg is done, not after the holidays, not after I've lost 10 pounds.

The best way to make myself happy at work is by making others happy at work. Now, we working moms really need to watch the self-sacrificing, but the way I take this idea is that contributing to a positive environment increases my happiness, too. No need to fall on any swords.

I will take time to do this. Yes, choosing to be happy at work is choosing to dedicate some time and energy to it. This is time well spent, because being happy makes me more productive and healthier.

Work will never be perfect, and even if we read the Manifesto each morning, we're still going to have some bad days.

But despite these facts, and despite the atmosphere of worry and fear that surrounds us right now, creating happiness at work is a real possibility, and worth our commitment.






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  • Awesome article. You're too right. There are so many well-balanced children who come from loving, working parent homes.

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