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The key to balancing work and family lies in the type of income you earn

Passive income and multiple streams of income can give you the flexibility you want

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Now here is where her system is extremely clever. Anyone who purchases The Renegade Network Marketer (it costs $67) becomes an affiliate and will earn $33.50 every time they sell a copy of the ebook. In addition, anyone who buys The Renegade Network Marketer gets access to an enormous back-end system with tons of training and marketing tools, plus they automatically get to become affiliates with 40 products and services geared to online marketing. So not only does Ann create multiple streams of income for herself, she makes that available for everyone who buys her ebook. Whenever you can create a win-win situation for yourself and your customers/clients, that is the best possible situation.

Don’t get me wrong. You can’t sit down at your computer and start generating thousands of dollars overnight. Like anything else, creating income online takes effort and persistence. Education is essential and there are great resources to help you. But if you commit to educating yourself and sticking with it, you can have great success. And once you have cash flow coming in on a residual basis and from different sources, you will be able to take time off and achieve greater balance between work and family.

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Cindy Schulson is a mom of 2 boys who left the corporate world and has been working at home with her own business for 5 years. She loves coaching other moms with a special focus on internet marketing and career coaching. Visit her blog at and get a free ebook about 12 key issues for any home business to address. You can also reach her via skype (cindyschulson), twitter ( or Facebook(

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