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Office politics and school room bullies

Same bullies; bigger panties

by Heather Cook (Writeonmama)  |  4245 views  |  4 comments  |        Rate this now! 

Dealing with unsavory characters at work can be a drain on your energy and make a work environment difficult. Focus on your reactions and responses – it’s really all you have control over. Now if only I’d known that when I was 13.


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Heather Cook (Calgary, Alberta) is a mother of two and and works inside and outside the home. You can find her online at

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4 comments so far...

  • this is so true in so many cases. and i even work mostly with men. you would be surprised how many times i have heard 'OMG you are such a girl' and thought to myself... wow you are WAY WORSE than any girl i know LOL

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 18th October 2007

  • Great article, Heather, and often true, unfortunately. Getting out of high school is a relief for most of us, but in some ways it sticks with us - and with some people more than others.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Florinda Pendley Vasquez on 14th October 2007

  • Emily, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I feel for you. It's so sad when people feel they must bully someone else to feel successful or bigger. If only we really could leave all that stuff back in school.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Heather Cook (Writeonmama) on 12th October 2007

  • On a previous job I was bullied and harrassed for 6 months and it made life hell during that time. Ironically she and I left on the same day to other jobs. She had the nerve one time to compare the office to high school, and she was the head bully/mean girl!

    Thank goodness I have not worked with somebody like that before or since. Annoying or whiny people are one thing, but bully/psycho people are another.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by EmilyM on 12th October 2007