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Back-to-School Tips

Ideas to help your children transition from summer to school

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Even though your children have been back at school for over a month, it can still be somewhat daunting to establish a sense of structure after the carefree months of summer. As difficult as it for adults to shift from enjoying vacation time to being stuck in an office all day, it is even harder for kids to transition from the playground and the swimming pool to the classroom. Children—whether pre-school age or older—work best with a routine in place and may have trouble when there is significant change; plan a schedule that both your family and nanny can use to make each day easier.

As a way to ward off the end-of-summer blues, put these practices in place and watch your kids flourish in the limelight of academic success.

  • Pick out an outfit the night before each school day.
  • From your son or daughter’s perspective, this ritual will allow them to become more independent in regards to the way they present themselves. With your guidance, you can easily transition into letting them dress themselves. Put together three outfits, and allow your child to choose his or her favorite.
  • For you, getting your children into this habit at a young age will make the mornings run much smoother—no more fights! Even as your kids grow up, this aspect of a daily routine will ensure that they make the most of those precious morning hours.
  • Similarly, have lunch ready the night before. By doing so, you will prevent the forgetfulness that often comes with rushed mornings. It may even be fun to have your children help you prepare them.
  • Have a basket for “school stuff”—homework, field trip forms, letters from teachers, and anything else that may end up in their backpacks. This new custom will teach your children the value of organization and simultaneously allow both you and your nanny to stay on top of your kids’ assignments and school functions.
  • Have one place to do homework, another place to eat dinner, etc. That way, your children will associate each place with a certain task and be less likely to complain about whatever they are doing.
  • Be sure to talk to your nanny and make sure that this practice will run smooth for everyone involved.
  • In addition to have a set spot for each activity, try to establish specific times for these activities to occur. Immediately after school or after-school activities usually works best for finishing up any homework; that way, the rest of the evening can be devoted to playing with their friends, spending time together as a family, and getting ready for the next day.
  • Finally, make a routine and stick to it! Humans are creatures of habit, and this tendency becomes ingrained in us as young children. It is important for both parents and nannies to create an environment conducive to the child’s progress. The best way to construct this atmosphere? You guessed it: a set schedule.
If you are wondering how to lessen the impact of this transition from summer to school, here are some suggestions that may come in handy for next year.

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