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Trying to keep nursing going in the workplace

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I look back at 2001 and wonder what I was thinking. But I know what I was thinking. Breast milk is best. The bond it created with my daughter very quickly made sure we were tight. Nursing isn’t obscene and shouldn’t be treated that way. I don’t want to come across that everyone should nurse, I feel that everyone should make the choice they are most comfortable with, whether that is nursing or formula. If I had another child I would do the same thing, although now I have the seniority that I would take the time to pump correctly.

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  • I only nursed my baby when I was with him after I went back to work when he was 3 months old. I was only able to continue for a few months like this, but I really didn't want to spend extra time at work pumping and taking my pump back and forth between home, my office and the client office I worked at sometimes. He took a bottle fine, but did not like the pumped milk the few times I did pump for him. I've talked to other women who have done this and they were able to nurse a lot longer than me. I was glad that I nursed him for 5 months.

    I remember seeing a woman in Air Force fatigues (camouflage) at one of my meetings pumping in the bathroom. I was really impressed and went and found her the key to one of my company's mother's rooms.


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  • I too had problems pumping at work, and we ended up supplementing with formula for one or two bottles a day. It's not a crises if that happens and it let me continue nursing for 2 years until I stopped for medical reasons and also was tired of it.But I stopped pumping after a year and was overjoyed about it. I had an understanding officemate but our door didn't lock which made things awkward occasionally.

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  • Arwen, thank you for sharing this. I had a lot of issues pumping at work when my daughter was little, but reading this, I think I didn't have it as tough as I thought. (On of my colleagues - yes, a man, of course - did ask me once how things were going at the cow farm in my office, but I assume that's part for the course in a male dominated industry where I worked.:)

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