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Be LEAN when the economy is MEAN

For working mums -- tips for spending less and still getting value

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This is what I have been doing for the past three months: I practice the 3Rs -- reduce, reuse, and recycle. How?

1.) Reduce the amount of food cooked. No matter how much rice I cook, the family will finish it or I dispose of it. Now I cook less, they still finish the rice (and don't feel as full) and there is none wasted.

2.) Reuse outdated and old fashioned (but still wearable) clothes. I cut off old long pants and make them into mid-length or shorts for home use. Or, decorate them with accessories or pin some badges on them to make them seem new. For my children, I cut away the sleeves of their T-shirts and remake them into sleeveless ones. The long flowing skirts can be cut and pleated into neat, straight, A-shape skirts.

3.) Recyle.  Anything can be recyled. What we can do here is to show and teach the children how and what to recyle. This is the best time to explain to them the whole recycling issue. Uniforms, shoes, hair accessories, books, CDs, etc. can be passed from older to younger siblings. Used (but still useable) personal items can be passed along to others who may enjoy them.


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