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Moms day off

Why can't we just stop for a day?

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Mother's Day is great!  It honors the moms in our lives.  We take the time to send them flowers, write cards, and if their lucky, they get a nice meal out.  Most moms, however, would probably forego all that and appreciate an actual day off!  Now some of you may already have experienced this concept and if you have CONGRATULATIONS!  But if you haven't, we can only dream...

I wake up lazily at 10 a.m. to an earily quite house.  My husband has taken his dad and the kids out for the entire day. The day is mine! I can do what I want, when I want.  There's no one begging for my help, attention, or adivce; no fights to referree, no TV shows to monitor, and no video games to confiscate.  A day just for me!

I'd probably start with some slow yoga to wake myself up, have a healthy meal (eggs, toast, tea, fresh fruit, and yogurt) then take a long bubble bath with music, flowers and chocolates.  But then I notice that the hamper is full so I'd put a load in the washing machine.  That's when I notice that no one took the dog out, and then I find two pairs of tennis shoes coverd in snow on the back patio.  I rinse out the shoes at the kitchen sink then notice the dirty dishes, which I promptly wash.  And here it goes again.  My day off and I'm doing chores again. 

Why is it so difficult for us women to just sit on our duffs watching a teary chick flick or reading a good book, eating cholocates and drinking tea (or coffee)?  Why can't we stop? Since when did it become more important that the socks be picked up and the dishes be put away before our own sanity and well being is tended to?  I know that we moms are great at nurturing others but we HAVE TO nurture ourselves as well. 

So this Mother's Day I propose that we all talk with our husbands (it's early yet so there's plenty of time).  Suggest to them that you will celebrate the day with them at dinner time at a great restaurant but only after they have been out all day without you!  Then, ladies, get out of the house! Get a massage or haircut or pedicure, watch that chick flick, visit a museum/book/antique/coffee store. 

Don't do errands or car repairs or dry cleaner drop offs.  Just get out of the house and spend it by yourself.  Listen to yourself think. Listen to that ugly Muzak on the speaker at your favorite reastaurant, people watch or nature watch.  Do you remember who you were before getting married and having kids?  See if you can find her again.  She might have something important to say that you really need to hear right now!

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