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Love It or Leave It!

Rate Your Job: Find Out If It's True Love

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By Zarine Patel for FOX News iMag

It’s the season of love … sigh. The stress of Valentine’s Day has occupied you for most of the month, but now it’s time to get down to business. Find out where you fit in on the love your job spectrum and check out what tips Five O'Clock Club career coach Robert Hellman has to offer:

Marriage Material:

You have been at your job for over a few years and you still can’t believe you’re getting paid to do what you love to do every single day.

Your boss is absolutely AMAZING!

You listen to your friends complain about their jobs and secretly wonder how they could stick it out in such an unhappy work environment.

You are never, ever leaving this job -- this is it!

Career Coach Tip: “Job-love” is notoriously fickle in both directions, so be prepared, not surprised. No matter how head-over-heels you are, you need to treat your job like you have a consulting gig -- keep your skills marketable, your network active, and your ear to the water-cooler conversation -- in case things go south.

Honeymoon Period:

You have been at your new job a few months and you cannot stop talking about how great it is (even when you can tell your best friend stopped listening half an hour ago).

Your co-workers couldn’t be nicer and you can really see yourself here years down the line.

You see eye-to-eye with your boss and get along perfectly.

Career Coach Tip: Keep the honeymoon going by managing “up, down and across” -- make sure the relationships with your bosses, peers and subordinates are as good as they can be. Relationships can be more important to career success than the work itself.

Relationship Rut:

Is it Monday, again?! You're working 24/7 and need a break from the office or you are going to snap.

You are so over your co-workers and boss -- you feel like you’re on the set of The Devil Wears Prada when your boss walks in the room.

The same projects that used to excite you at work put you to sleep now and you can’t believe you used to think your work BFF was cool...  she’s certifiably insane!

Career Coach Tip: Time to do a self-assessment to help you avoid this “rut” in future jobs. Are you repeating a pattern from previous positions? What do you enjoy that you’re great at, and are you doing it now? How does your job fit in with your long-term vision for your career and life? The Five O’Clock Club book “Targeting a Great Career” can help you with exercises that get at the answers to these questions.

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