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The childcare struggle: How do you decide?

How do you make the decision about what to do with your children while you work?

by Kimberly Reddington  |  4144 views  |  2 comments  |      Rate this now! 

While reading the responses to people’s questions regarding this topic, I was realizing that their answers were similar to the answers I would have given. It depends on what day care centers are near you. It depends on whether you are lucky to find that perfect nanny. It depends on the nature of your business and on your personality. Some people can work with kids playing in the background, and others just cannot get used to it.

I personally found that a mixture of everything worked well for us. Sometimes I had a nanny. When my youngest was really small, I just cut way down on my hours for a while working only at night, got rid of the nanny, and played with the kids all day. Those were the years where my husband watched them for a few hours a day while I snuck down into my basement office and cranked away.

I think the key to making it work is to realize that you need to be flexible, and you need to find care providers that can be flexible. You will always need that backup care provider or backup plan for days when your child is sick, or you have a meeting that happens to fall outside of your care provider’s regular hours. What happens when your nanny wants a day off? Find yourself multiple options. Learn what makes your child happy. Follow what your heart is telling you. You cannot be successful at a business if your heart is telling you that you made the wrong decision with your child. They are young only once. Nurture them and watch them grow. If everyone is happy, then the decision was the right one for your family.

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