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Making memories for your children

Create stories for their future...

by Maureen Stewart  |  2474 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

I feel that reliving old memories of what we did together as a family and the fun we had, will strengthen our family bond further and keep us close as a family unit. We have a meaningful shared past and the aim is to continue that into the future.

Children and adults alike love to hear stories about themselves as babies and toddlers. They love to hear about the silly stuff they said and did. They simply cannot remember most of these early years and so I believe it’s our responsibility as their caregivers, to remember these times for them so that they have the missing piece to the puzzle of their lives.

Suggestions of things to keep for your children:

Hand & Foot Prints

One of their early toothbrushes

A favorite pacifier

First tooth

Hair from first haircut

First movie tickets (they normally show date, time and price you paid)

Tickets from any shows you went to with your child

Any certificate of achievement e.g. swimming certificates, soccer prizes, etc.



Leaves, shells, pine cones, etc. from walks together

Plus any other items that show you went somewhere, shared time together and made a memory.

Even the smallest, most insignificant items can spark a whole bunch of memories when the time comes to open the box together.

So find a box and start today. Fill it with momentos and souvenirs you can share with your children throughout the journey of their lives. Now you are making memories for your children....

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Maureen Stewart is the author of The Personal History Book and The Tribute Book.

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