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10 things your kids and grandkids WILL want to know about you

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They may be absorbed in their own little world of toys and playmates right now but years from now, as they brush with maturity, your kids are going to be interested in the life you have led. They will want to know how your upbringing and the stories therein compare to theirs. They will want a closer look at the real you.  As they discover themselves and their abilities they will begin to look closer to home for the answers. These are some of the main questions you are likely to be asked.

1. Where were you born? The US is a nation of diverse cultures and peoples from all over the world. Your kids are going to want to know where their roots lie. Are they part Irish, part German? It’s interesting to know where you came from and if you still have family there. It gives your kids a sense of identity and the information needed to start researching their family tree.

2. What were you like as a kid? Your kids want to look into the window of your childhood. They want to see how your childhood compares to theirs. By discovering how you were as a child, teenager and young adult they can get a better understanding of who you are today and perhaps who they are.

3. Where did you live growing up? They will want to know where you lived and how you lived. Were you born in the US or did you come from another country as an immigrant? Share with them the details of your childhood home, the neighborhood, the room you had as a child and what your backyard was like. It’s sure to be quite different to what they have been used to.

4. What were your parents like? Where did your parents take you and how was your relationship with them? What they know about your parents, so far, has been dictated by the roles they have i.e. Grandma or Grandpa. Let them see a different side to their grandparents through your stories of your life with them.

5. Did you go on many dates? Not only will they get a sense of how strict your parents were with you concerning dating but it will give them an idea of how it was done when you were younger. Cultural and social differences can be quite intriguing from generation to generation.

6. What were your hobbies/passions/pastimes? Depending on where you lived growing up your hobbies as a youngster may be wildly different to what your kids do today. You might even spark their interest in trying something new to them perhaps something you were good at as a youngster.

7. Where and how did you meet my dad? What your kids really want to hear is a fairytale love story and if this fits your experience then all the better. For most of us, however, this is not quite the reality. You will be able to judge for yourself what is appropriate to tell them and still give them a good story.

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