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Cool Car Accessory Roundup for Moms

Busy moms need a way to keep their cars organized

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Busy moms need a way to keep their cars organized. Between grocery shopping, doctors appointments, sports practice, and other errands, we need a way to keep stuff in the car within a short reach and make it easier to entertain the kids. But we also need to keep the kids clean and safe, too. What’s a mom to do? Here are a few products to help you out. At the end, we’ve included some bonus links to additional resources.

Movegomirror First, keep baby occupied while you drive with the Baby Einstein Move & Go Music Mirror. Yes, it plays music, but you can control the volume with a remote control. If baby isn’t put to sleep by the motion of the car, maybe this mirror will entertain him. And while he’s in a rear-facing seat, you can set it up in order to keep an eye on him, too. ($24.99 at Babies R Us)

Undermat Tired of cleaning spilled food and drink from the nooks and crannies of your back seat? Try an Especially for Baby Car Seat Mat to catch the dirt and grime. ($12.99 at Babies R Us) Or you can try the two-stage seat saver which works with rear- and forward-facing child seats. ($21.99 at Babies R Us) Anything to keep that rear seat a little cleaner, right?

Mightytite Keep those car seats locked down tight with a car seatbelt tightener. Many safety seats are not properly installed and your child’s seat may move during an accident. A belt tightener can help you cinch the belt down better, preventing the seat from rocking or sliding. The CG-Lock stabilizes a booster seat (note: their site has several videos, but not a lot of other information). It retails at $39.95, but you can use coupon code “BetterWorld” for a $5 discount. The Mighty-Tite also helps with seat belt slack. While it looks more plastic and lighter weight than the CG-Lock, it got high ratings by reviewers at Babies R Us. ($16.99)

Floppyseat While you’re at the grocery store, do you hesitate to plop your little princess in those cart seats? If so, then think about these shopping cart seat covers. The Floppy Seat is a cushiony cover with a storage bag and its own seat belt. ($39.99 at Babies R Us) For a more deluxe apartment in your cart, take a look at this Deluxe Shopping Cart Cover. It has tons of pockets for storage, a pillow, safety belt, and padding. It even doubles as a changing pad. Now that’s nice, but it comes with a steeper price tag, too. ($59.99 at Babies R Us)

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