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When do you just give up

When do you quit? When do you say, "This is just not going to work," and then stop?

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If you keep focusing on how much you are struggling, how uncomfortable you feel not having all of the answers, and how unhappy you are about where you are today, of course you will be wondering if you should give up.  Who wouldn't?

But if you focus on the dream, the vision of what your life and career could be, and how you will feel when you get there, you won't seriously consider giving up. 

It would be impossible. Your soul would not let you. 

When you keep your eye on the prize, the dream starts to feel REAL.  You start feeling today what you expect to feel in the future, when your dream comes true.  This gives you a taste of what is possible. 

Once you get that taste there's no turning back. 

There is no giving up.

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Annemarie is a life and career change coach who works with people who want to change careers but don't know what career they'd love. She offers individual and group coaching, workshops, and keynotes. To learn more about working with Annemarie, visit or call 212-724-5882.

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