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Tips to help you find the right spring break for your family and your budget

Planning a spring break everyone will remember

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It is that time of year, in a few weeks spring break weeks begin for most school districts.  Now is the time to start planning what you will do with your family, or if you are organized the time to start packing for the trip you planned well in advance.  As you think about where to go, many of you will be making a choice based on what you can afford, particularly given the tough economic times we are in.  Below are some tips and ideas, from the least to most expensive types of trips.

Take a Staycation

The most cost efficient vacation as you trade airfare for $1.79 a gallon gas, and a hotel for your home.  Within your city, plan out a different activity for each day.  What museums, parks or zoo can you visit.  What about a sporting event one day.  Do something active one day – a bike ride, go skiing, or to a great fitness club that has a pool and gym for your family to have fun (most have daily rates or passes).  To save more money, try to pack a lunch to bring with you to cut on cost for when you are out.  To make the staycation seem even more like a vacation make the dinners really special.  Often what kis love about vacation is eating out, so try to bring some of that excitement into your home.  Each night make a different type of food – Mexican, Italian, Chinese and so on.  Pick out some great new recipes in advance, get all the ingredients you need and have fund with it.

Explore the country around you.

Take a map and draw a circle around the city or town you live in, about a 250 mile radius.  Then look at the cities or areas that fall within this.  Pick a few of them and then go on a little tour.  I live in Cincinnati, so for us this circumfrance would include places like Louisville, Indianapolis and Columbus.  We could take two days in each city and have a wonderful vacation seeing things like the  Louisville Slugger museum, Louisville Science Center right across the street, tour Churchill Downs, Indianapolis Children’s museum and Zoo, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and museum, Fastimes indoor Karting (like go-carting), a Pacers game, Columbus Zoo, COSI (center of science and industry), Columus Santa Marina tall ship, and a BlueJackets game at Nationwide Arena.  That is a fun filled vacation that adds a hotel bill, but still save on airfares which are more expensive then ever.

Once you find the areas you want to go to, get online and search on the top attractions for that area.  It is so easy to find the great spots to visit, purchase tickets in advance, get driving directions, hours and more.

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Joanna Zucker is author of Millennium Mom: Tips to help you go from a working women to a working mom and Marketing Director at Procter & Gamble, she lives in Cincinnati, OH with her husband and three children.

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