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Why entrepreneurs should use Twitter

The micro-blogging social media site can bring a big boost to your business

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3.) When you create your Twitter account be sure to use your name, customize your Twitter page, and make your avatar a great headshot.  Remember, you want people to find you and remember you. Also, branding your page is critical. If you’re an entrepreneur—your branding is what makes you stick out, and makes you unique. If you are a corporate businessperson reading this, and you’re looking for a job, brand your page about who you are and what problems you help solve, so it impresses people when they see it. is a great way to brand your background for free!

4.) Another important concept of Twitter is that people must opt-in to follow you in order to see what you are actually posting. So, the first tip to getting started is to follow others so they will check out your page and potentially follow you back. Choose people on three levels: people you can learn from, people who will be interested in what you do, and people you seem to have things in common with. Most importantly, start conversations with them by replying, not just a monologue by answering the question.

5.) Make sure you Tweet daily and interact. To maintain good interaction post at least 20 tweets a day, where at least half involve discussion with others and retweets. Say “thank you” when you love something that somebody shares with you; retweet it if you like it, so that others can see it too.  Make sure you add value yourself, whether it’s a link to your blog article, or a free article that you liked on the Internet, or a quote, or a tip of the day. And lastly, when you post, show your personality -- when people get to know you, they will refer or do business with you.


Twitter has greatly increased my Web traffic as well as connections with people interested in what I have to offer. It is a networking tool that has already resulted in amazing results for my business, including creating a video subscription service and being offered a book deal (due to my twitter stats). You, too, with clear strategy and focus, can see these results!


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2 comments so far...

  • Thank you for your great insight on Twitter. Yes, I've heard of Twitter, and no, I do not currently Twitter! I've got facebook, my own blog called Digital Mom,, and I've got a website I am very technology saavy, but just have not found the reason to begin Twitter. After your article, I am going to start tweeting! Thanks!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by JES Graphics on 13th August 2009

  • I found this article to be incredibly insightful. I've been hemming and hawing about Twitter for a while now and I think you just convinced me to start tweeting. I have recently launched a blog called The Fence at that chronicles my experiences as a working mom in a real and entertaining way. I am learning self-promo slowly but it's clear that Twitter will only increase my readership. Ultimately, that's what I'm after. Thanks for the tips!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kami Lewis Levin on 10th June 2009