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Homeward bound vacations

No extra money for a getaway? Bring the vacation home to your backyard.

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With the declining economy everyone needs to watch where they spend their extra dollars. Most people just cannot afford to whisk their families off to exotic gateways or adventurous destinations right now. But what else is there to do besides spend a week in Disney World with your kids? In spite of the fact that the Magic Kingdom is a thrilling place that no child would say no to, parents can create their own imaginary fantasy right at home for a mere fraction of the cost. So when it comes time for you to take your vacation time, but you are worried that you might not be able to afford that over the top trip this year, do not panic. Take that week off and devote the extra days to spending quality time with your kids. They will appreciate the time with you even if it is not on a sandy beach. But if they are longing for that tropical gateway, you can create a magical world of fun in your own house. These are a few suggestions for how you can bring the vacation home:

1.) Rocky Mountain Campsite. A warm summer night is the perfect time to pitch a tent with your kids. Create a kid friendly camp site complete with a fire pit (portable fire places can be purchased for relatively low price at your local hardware store), s’mores, hot dogs, and campfire songs. Spend the night telling funny or scary stories and gazing up at the stars above. The best part is that you have access to indoor plumbing and a roof for if it rains.

2.) Tropical Paradise. On another day of your family vacation have a “sandy beach day.” Spend the morning at your local aquarium (or if your city does not have one, all kids love a trip to the pet store). In the early afternoon turn your backyard into a hydrating oasis. Sprinklers, bubble pools, water guns, and water balloons create the perfect water escape. Finish your night with a classic American BBQ.

3.) Safari Adventure. Spend a day outdoors with wilderness. On the safari inspired day take your kids to the local zoo. Also, a pack a lunch for your family and spend the afternoon at a forest preserve. The wide open space and animal life entertains kids for hours.

4.) Hotel Fun. If your kids are missing the excitement of the hotel experience, you can easily create your family hotel right your home. Have you kids “check-in” with you at a pretend receptionist office, have chocolates waiting for them on the bed, and offer dinner via room service. You can spend the night watching movies and relaxing in your personal hotel. For those parents who do not have the luxury of taking a week off, try hiring a babysitter or nanny to help you. You can plan out a schedule with your nanny and save the best “two days of the vacation” for the weekend when you are home with your kids. But during the week while you are at work, you can also work with your nanny to have planned activities that fit in with the theme of the day that work around your time off. For instance, your nanny can take your kids to the zoo on “Safari day,” and you could meet up with them during your lunch break for a picnic lunch. Whatever your family’s favorite destination is, if the poor economy is not allowing you to take the vacation this year, bring your favorite elements of from trip home.

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I work as an assistant at the Lillian Nanny Agency, a firm in Nashville that matches nannies wth local families.

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