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Redbox: Keeping the family budget on track one rental at a time

by Ashleigh Evans  |  2560 views  |  2 comments  |      Rate this now! 

We can all agree that family entertainment on a budget is sometimes harder to find than the pacifier at the bottom of the diaper bag; even when our little rascals are crying like crazy for it!

But I may have found a solution for this dilemma that will have the whole family thanking you in no time!

As I was getting ready to leave work the other day I realized for the first time in a long time, we had nothing on the schedule for the rest of the evening. No Gymboree classes- no play dates- no ballet practice and no work dinners.

Amazing and relaxing night ahead right? Not so fast. If my family has nothing to do- they turn to me to fix their ongoing challenges of boredom.

That is when Redbox saved the day!

I pulled out my smart phone before leaving work and pulled up the Redbox application. I reserved a movie for the kids, a video game for my teenager and a documentary for my husband (I couldn’t tell you why he loves watching them so much!) in under 5 minutes.

My rentals were reserved and waiting for me at my local Redbox kiosk in front of the grocery store, which was perfect because I had to pick up dinner anyway.

The best part was it was super affordable; all the rentals were under five bucks! I was able to keep to the family entertainment budget and I even squeezed in a bubble bath while everyone was busy having fun in their own worlds.

And of course I could not resist getting the latest romantic-comedy for myself!

It was a hit for everyone in the house.

Ready to make your living room a home theater? Start a free trail of Redbox today!



2 comments so far...

  • Good timming for me to read this as I am working on networking recently. I´m a new blogger and now I´m after the comunity.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Marilia on 14th September 2010

  • These are great tips. I have had many doors open for me, because of the contacts that I have made over the years. I am going to check out American Marketing Association, as you suggested.


    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 14th May 2009

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