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Raising an empowered child: A lesson in self-knowledge

Help your child cut through the confusion

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How important is this key concept of self-knowledge and authority?  It is critical.  By supporting kids in developing self-knowledge, we help them cut through the confusion.  Confusion is based in having to weigh and balance who they truly are with who they feel they are supposed to be.  There is only one true answer.  In addition, often with the development of self-understanding comes compassion, and what more valuable “core value” is true and abiding compassion?

As parents, we can give our children the confidence to trust themselves in any situation by nurturing their innate ability to choose what is compassionate for themselves and others.  This eliminates the possibility of selfish, self-serving behavior yet honors each person's right to choose for themselves.  This also leads to the development of inner clarity so that abusive people and situations are seen for what they truly are.

This is true authority. It has absolutely nothing to do with the concept of power, and this is the type of guidance our children need to live healthy, happy, fulfilling lives.

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Susan A. Haid is the creator of the DVD multimedia package Lily's Truth, a book on DVD designed to teach fundamental skills in empowerment, sovereignty, joyful living and liberation.

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