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Smokin' hot mama

"Sexy" redefined

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Over the past 46 years of my life, I have learned a thing or two about myself.  There has been nothing extraordinary about me or my life circumstances.  I am an ordinary woman who has lived an ordinary life.  Well, except for the part of me that talks to dead people.  But hey, other than that one little thing, I’m just a normal gal.  That is another story for another time.  In spite of my otherwise conventional life, I have come to a place where I can fully accept myself…all of me…the good, the bad, the ugly, the normal and the not-so-normal.  Although this might seem to be a natural evolution of maturity, it is actually a profound transformation that forever changes everything. What I now know is that a little bit of “crazy” can be a good thing, a very good thing indeed.

You see, when I started to live freely without self-judgment, then I started truly living.  I no longer care about the full figure I am wearing at midlife.  Instead, I can see my own beauty, even if society cannot.  I wear clothes that are comfortable, flowing and lovely.  I no longer worry about dieting.  I concern myself only with joy, health and balance.  Happiness certainly must be correlated with health and longevity, but I don’t need a scientific study to prove it.  If I happen to die a premature death, I die a happy person.  So there you are.

Later in life, I have taken up belly dancing, opera singing and painting just for the fun of it.  I don’t expect to be very good at these things but I do have fun. At this point in life, having fun is, well, just so much more fun than being good.   And I love that I don’t have any rules to follow… hmmm, when did the rules get to be so important anyway?

When I am with other people, I don’t care about anything other than just having a good time.   In fact, my bottom line has become all about the fun factor.  I now choose to be around people who can laugh and be merry, who are lighthearted and joyful, and yes, who can party like there is no tomorrow. Although it may be irreverent, I can laugh at almost anything.  After throwing a party, I chuckle at the number of wine bottles in my recycle bin.

I love to be with people who are accepting and free-spirited.  I seek out friends who have no need or desire to view the world through the eyes of judgment and control.  I believe in progress through conscious awareness but not through moral condemnation.  The one thing I still need to work on is my acceptance of self-righteous, condemning people; I avoid them like the plague and have not found my peace within their presence as of yet.  In fact, these folks irritate me more than anyone else, at least for now.  In spite of my overall Zen demeanor, these types still cause me to bristle.   But my new, enlightened strategy is to find a way to joke about it.  My current irritations are great fodder for some very funny stuff as you might imagine; humor really does diffuse the irritation.

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Susan A. Haid is the creator of the DVD multimedia package Lily's Truth, a book on DVD designed to teach fundamental skills in empowerment, sovereignty, joyful living and liberation.

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