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Taking the Job I'd Never Thought I'd Take In a Million Years, And Loving It!

Sometimes a step back can actually be a step forward

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"I can't believe I am doing this," I said when I got the offer to work in the local library. My brother had heard they were looking for someone to make fliers and quarterly newsletters.

It was bad enough I had left my big fancy publishing gig behind when my daughter, Morgan was born. I had planned on going back to my position as managing editor at Working Mother magazine right away, but then I ran into medical problems on maternity leave, and I just couldn't get back. No, the irony did not escape me. But I knew I needed to make some cash so I got my real estate license and started working with my mom who is a broker, and we did OK. Then the market turned, and again, I needed to supplement my income. I was doing a little freelance writing but I was burned out.

However, when the library job came up I thought I had hit an all-time low. "C'mon, I used to manage a national women's consumer magazine and now you want me to edit a library newsletter--in the same town I grew up," I said to myself.

This whole kid/maternity thing had knocked me for a loop. I loved my daughter but I was feeling like I had really lost touch with who I was. When I was eighteen I envisioned that by my mid-thirties I would be a foreign correspondent for some big paper, be married to a hot, brilliant European guy and be living overseas somewhere. I couldn't wait to get out of this one horse town.

But here I was, back in my old home town, living ten minutes from my parents, and married to a local guy who loved the place. And now to top it all off, I was about to start working in the little library that I was way too cool for, way back, when I was eighteen. But we needed the cash, so I took it.

And guess what, I loved it. I God-honestly loved it. The women were not your old school-marm type librarians, they were warm and funny, and the things that would come out of their mouths...especially about Dr. McDreamy...oh my God. They made a big fuss over my little girl and made me feel like one of the team right away.

I learned Dreamweaver and they let me experiment with the library's website. Before long, I was creating marketing promotions and redesigning their newsletter. I even started a library blog and an email campaign for the patrons. Everything I did they thought was magic, and they sung my praises to the point of embarrassment. And it was exactly what I needed.

There is a huge amount of rejection in real estate and I see now that it took a toll on me. Add that to trading in my deadlines for diaper duty--and I hadn't realized it--but I had lost my edge. But now with this self-confidence boost, I started blogging, getting back in touch with old editor friends, developed an ecommerce site for my mom, made YouTube videos and podcasts, you name it. I was back in the game.

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christine Guidry is a freelance writer and owner of, an online store that she fills with unique, often handmade products.

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  • I can really relate to this. I just left my full time big lawfirm life for a part time, low visability, low stress, low responsibility job in a local law office. Sometimes, I think about that I would have "been someone" but I'm so much happier spending my energy on my 21 month old. Someday I'll go back, if they don't look down their noses at my little po-dunk job. It sounds like your job was the best step down you could ever have taken.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jlauren on 23rd October 2007

  • Christine, what a great article - thanks for sharing this! I think it has a great lesson for all of us - sometimes a career change is exactly what we need!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 21st October 2007