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What is a mother's work really worth?

A study says stay-at-home moms would earn at least $122,000 in the job market, while moms

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Dory Devlin is the Work+Money editor on Yahoo! Shine. Check out Shine Work+Money here.

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  • We are definitely a vacationless class. All of the vacations that I have ever taken have been with my kids! I would add the following job titles: gardener, scientist (when it comes to those extreme science projects!), photographer and referee!


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  • The salary estimate is vastly inflated by including 7.2 hours of psychologist and 5.5 hours of CEO time. If you take those two items out, the salary is closer to $85,000. 8.6 hours of facilities manager is a stretch as well, and using both housekeeper and janitor seems to me to be double counting (I really don't think the average house needs 23.7 hours of housekeeper/janitor per week!) 7.2 hours of laundry machine operator -- who really spends an hour every day doing laundry? I plugged my own time estimates in and came up with a salary of $65,000.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SoftwareMom on 13th May 2009