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What is a mother's work really worth?

A study says stay-at-home moms would earn at least $122,000 in the job market, while moms

by Dory Devlin  |  9142 views  |  2 comments  |      Rate this now! 

Want to know what you or a mom in your life should get paid? You can use the Mom Salary Wizard, then create a fake mom paycheck and pay stub to be sent on Mother's Day. But here's the dilemma: Knowing how much a mom should get paid can be a good thing if those around her are recognizing the value of all she does. Or, it could just make her very sad that she can't cash that check for real.

What do you think? Is there value in assigning a dollar value to all moms do?

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Dory Devlin is the Work+Money editor on Yahoo! Shine. Check out Shine Work+Money here.

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2 comments so far...

  • We are definitely a vacationless class. All of the vacations that I have ever taken have been with my kids! I would add the following job titles: gardener, scientist (when it comes to those extreme science projects!), photographer and referee!


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  • The salary estimate is vastly inflated by including 7.2 hours of psychologist and 5.5 hours of CEO time. If you take those two items out, the salary is closer to $85,000. 8.6 hours of facilities manager is a stretch as well, and using both housekeeper and janitor seems to me to be double counting (I really don't think the average house needs 23.7 hours of housekeeper/janitor per week!) 7.2 hours of laundry machine operator -- who really spends an hour every day doing laundry? I plugged my own time estimates in and came up with a salary of $65,000.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SoftwareMom on 13th May 2009