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The power of parenting

A New lens for viewing impact and influence

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The impact parents have in our society is huge.  Parents, recognize that you are raising and cultivating future generations.  Do not underestimate the power that you have in our world, especially right now.  Ask yourselves what would you like this future generation to be equipped with as they shape and reinvent our society.  What tools will they need to be successful-and by successful I do not mean financially.  What legacy do you want to leave as a parent? I have recently started asking myself these questions.  Interesting enough, the more I thought about it, the more I became aware of it unfolding before my very eyes.  When my 11 year old boy tells me that he feels like he is the driver of his car (meaning his life) and I am the navigating system, I stop and say “that’s the legacy I want to leave behind.”  When he refers to other parents as the “front seat driver” and their children, his friends, “sitting there in the back seat,” I ask when did he become so insightful and prophetic.  Did I facilitate that? I hope so!

Mothers, take a good look at what you accomplish daily.  The creative solutions you come up with in a moment, how you extinguish small and large crises a few times a day, the impact you have on your child’s well being, your ability to multi task, the flexibility you have to move from one unrelated activity to the next, the amount of time you spend setting clear limits-even though you are deemed the “mean mommy” and the numerous decisions you make without a blink of an eye. Observe your children and how they have developed, what they have learned and the questions they pose. Now that you have read my definition of power create your own.  Then ask yourself, “How powerful am I?”  I look forward to hearing your responses.

As a working mom who develops powerful leaders, I believe that women who are stay at home mothers have the ability to be just as powerful as a CEO of any organization.  We are moving into an era where meaning and purpose will be critical facets of life.  Our society had forgotten that for a decade and look where we have landed.  As money becomes less valuable in this recession, it is time to build a new type of portfolio.  As I encourage leaders of organizations to innovate and challenge the status quo, I will propose to you, the SAHMs, to evaluate your leadership style, values, vision and identity.  Think about how this affects your team-your children-and the crucial element that underlies any form of leadership-the relationship.

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