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Traveling with children

by Katie McLaughlin  |  7541 views  |  1 comment  |       Rate this now! 

My husband and I noticed that the parents who knew their children and were prepared for the trip had the easiest time. If you know that your child likes to spend time on computer or read an interesting science fiction book, make sure you bring that with you on your trip. Usually, the things that keep children busy at the airport or on the plane are the very same things that they enjoy doing in their daily life.

I would love to hear others to share what works for you when you are stuck with your children in this sort of unpleasant travel situation? Do you read them a book? Do you play a game with them? Do you find a restaurant to sit and hang out together at? 

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  • Being in an airport for some kids is not a bad place at all. Make fun and games about watching airplanes. Play imaginary games regarding where they are going to or coming from. Play control tower. Mom or Dad can be the air traffic controller and the kids the pilots. Our kids love airports. I suggest that before travel parents read to kids picture books about airplanes and see some kids videos about airplanes. The more they know about the planes, the more patient, happy travellers they become. On plane vidoes I recommend "There Goes an Airplane" it's a part of a series of live action kids videos from Dave Hood.

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