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Weight loss after baby

Let the shedding begin!

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As I struggle with my weight and thoughts like this, I realize that while this pregnancy may have forever changed my body, the birth of daughter has forever changed the way I must approach food and fitness.

As I keep up the recommended constant flow of chatter going with her all day, already I'm having to censor myself and banish from my lips things like, "Mommy can't eat that or she'll be huge forever." Or "OMG, my jeans are so tight, I'm not eating for a week." or "I'm so f-ing fat"--OK, the last one for a couple of reasons. Because I know what I say and do about my weight is going to get passed on to and imitated by her.

So I'm stopping myself from trying any fad diets, researching herbal weight-loss treatments (sooo tempting, though) or even worse, just getting frustrated and giving up. Instead, I'm setting realistic fitness goals--I signed up to run the Marine Corps Marathon in D.C. in October, and also agreed to run a leg of a 200-mile relay race across part of Florida with a group of women in November--and I'm trying to eat healthy, whole foods. Also, I'm doing what I can to try not to groan when I pass by a mirror or look at the Easter pictures taken this weekend ... at least audibly.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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