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Are you choking off your flow of money?

Let go of the panic, reconnect with the inspiration

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Are you choking off the flow of money to you? Are you so immersed in "where is the money" and the panic, insecurity and frustration that goes with it?

This will shut down the cycle of flow into your business for certain. This negative swirl of energy will have you do one of two things:

1.) Reach out with a lot of desperate actions. These actions are destined to fail because they come with desperate energy and your potential clients can smell desperation a mile away.

2.) You shut down. You do nothing and sit in stuck-ness -- feeling the frustration and doubt. This closes off your flow as sure as if you turned off a faucet of flowing water -- and gave it an extra twist just to make sure it's off!

What do you do to open up your flow to money?

It's simpler (although not always easier) than you think.


Pause, reconnect and then take inspired action.

Take a breath and carve out some time to reconnect with yourself, with others and with spirit. To connect with yourself spend some reflection time on your business. This will be the most important and business-changing thing you do all day. You want to remind yourself of your bigger vision and why you are really in your business which is to help clients have a better life or business. You want to remind yourself of your special and unique gifts that no one else on this planet has exactly like you do. And to remember that there are people waiting for you to show up in their life - they are waiting on YOU to show up. Reconnect to your power center - that place that knows you are on the right path.

Second, open up the connection with others. If you are like me, when you get into this place of doubt you may shut down with others. Instead it's the time to open up the connection with others. This may look like calling a business girlfriend (or guy friend) who believes in you and what you are up to. They will remind you of your brilliance in these moments. Don't call someone who is going to doubt you and question your business even if they are a well meaning family member. They just aren't practiced at the faith that you need.

You want to reach out to someone who believes in you. I just had this type of call from one of my business girlfriends. She is hosting a very big telesummit and its a few days away from launch and she's in panic mode. She was focusing on what isn't happening - why isn't the money coming? I asked her to create a JoyFlow List. This is a list of signs of joy flowing into your business. Just on the phone she was into two pages of amazing things happening but it just wasn't taking on the form she expected. This is the letting go part. You don't always know the form that your purpose (or your expression of your joy) will take. Let go and appreciate the joy that is flowing.

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