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Money marketing and spirituality

The 7 lessons small business owners need to learn

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Have you ever wondered why one of your business programs takes off like wildfire, while another one falls flat? Why some partnerships flourish, and others fizzle? How do you get yourself and your small business aligned and "in the flow"?

The answers lie in the connections between money, marketing and spirituality. Following are the seven lessons I've identified in my own journey as a passion-based small business owner and coach, and I'm pleased to share them with you:

Know that money, marketing, and spirituality all follow each other. I think of these three key areas as moving, flowing, constantly changing "balls of energy." It's almost like they each have their own circulating vortexes of energy. The key is to get them moving and flowing in the same direction - this is the "sweet spot" you're aiming for. When they're not in alignment, your energy is constricted, and you feel bottlenecked.

With spirituality, I'm talking about owning your own joy -- knowing what your joy is, and how you uniquely bring it to the world. When you're aligned on that level, that's when you can get that marketing energetic ball rolling, and you can authentically share your spirit with the world in a public way that's packaged and branded perfectly for you. This authentic and joy-based marketing strategy is powerfully enrolling.

When it comes to the money energy ball, this is an area that seems to trip up a lot of small business owners, especially women. When we're in a business that's very passion-oriented, we're excited to help our clients transform their lives or businesses. But your money energy will get constricted -- until you claim the money, feel confident in charging for the transformation you provide or the value you create in bettering someone's life. And then you want to allow the money to come in.

Your spirit and your small business speak to you, but are you listening? Stop and create time in your day to listen. You can do this by journaling, meditating, getting away from your computer for a mind-clearing walk -- anything that allows you to think about your business from a broader perspective. What are your clients saying that they're not really saying? What needs are unspoken? What is your business telling you about your product or service offerings?

To do your most effective listening, I strongly encourage you to use a coach or mastermind group -- sometimes you're too close to it, it's too personal. Plus, the reasons behind your energy constriction aren't always what you think they are! Having outside perspectives and people to ask you tough questions are invaluable in getting to the root of it.

Everything you do in your passion-based small business involves a spiritual exchange of energies. There are things on the visible level -- like your emails, meeting a client for lunch, writing your newsletter, all of your marketing and communications. With each of these, you're exchanging ideas, inspiration and especially energy, because your energy is attached to everything you do. The same goes for the invisible level -- where even if somebody can't see you, they can feel your vibration and intention through your written word (such as through your website or a newsletter).

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