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Regaining control with a morning routine

Part of the get-your-life-together plan

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What you do with your morning effects your entire day. Energy begets energy. Order begets order. I don't always enjoy getting out of bed, but I enjoy what the rest of my day is like when I get out of bed on time and make myself go through my routine.

One morning not long ago, after a week of great consistency on my early rising and morning routine, I decided to try just going with the flow... ignoring routine, just doing what I felt like doing, taking it easy, rolling from one thing to the next "as the spirit moved me."

I decided that wasn't the right spirit for me. It's fine sometimes, for holidays and weekends, but the normal day of work requires order, energy, and a good dose of knowing who's in charge. When I just wander around, it's clear that I'm not in charge. I don't know who is, whether it's the kids, the phone, or the dirty dishes, but I found out that I like being in charge. Call me a control freak. I'd rather be up and doing, taking names and taking charge, than stumbling out into a world that's already set a course for the day without consulting me.

Having a clear morning routine and following it faithfully tells the world (in my case, that consists of me, my house, and my children) this: "Hey, I'm in charge here. Don't mess with me." I wonder how many disastrous days have been turned around simply by the act of going through a morning routine?

Following a morning routine sets a successful tone for your day.

Following a morning routine gives you time to make a plan.

Following a morning routine enables you to get the big rocks done by 11 a.m.

Following a morning routine helps you meet your goals.

Following a morning routine allows you to maintain an orderly home.

Following a morning routine frees you up for fun stuff later in the day.

Following a morning routine gives you time for guilt-free afternoon naps.

Following a morning routine creates quiet time for yourself.

What are the elements of a morning routine?

1.) A consistent rise time. Whenever you choose to get up, do it. Be in charge. Don't fall prey to the snooze button. Think about how much time you need in the morning, decide when you want to get up, set your alarm, and get up at that time.

2.) An earlier-than-the-family rise time. This is essential for the modern home makers, whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a work-at-home mom, or a work-out-of-the-home mom. You need enough time in the morning before the kids get up to get yourself dressed, minimum. It's even better if you have time to get a few other things in order, too.

3.) Specific goals and tasks. My tasks include the basics of getting up and dressed, plus whatever I need to do to meet my goals. What tasks do you need to accomplish to meet your morning goal? The morning routine should accomplish five things: getting you dressed and physically ready for the day, getting you inwardly ready for the day, getting breakfast and lunch taken care of getting the right people, with the right stuff, out the door at the right time

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Annie Mueller writes at SisterWisdom, where she helps women build a better life by offering info like the Get-Your-Life-Together plan and the free Moving Toward Simplicity ebook.


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