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10 things I learned while my kids were tugging at my suitcase

Easy tips for making business travel easier on you and your kids!

by Phaedra Cucina  |  5471 views  |  1 comment  |      Rate this now! 



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  • I'm 27 now, but when I was growing up from age .... well zero, my dad was gone ALOT on business. He would be gone about 25-32 weeks every year for no less than 2 weeks at a time.

    I remember, even at age 15, crying myself to sleep and having a really hard time because all I needed was a hug from daddy.

    My comment on this article is to just remind everyone that a couple 2-3 days or something is totally doable, especially with the fabulous ideas brought forth in this article. However, getting closer to a full week, or worse 2-3 weeks at a time is just MURDER on a child who just wants her parent's time and attention.

    Truely, it's just not worth the career boost. That's just priorities.

    Good luck to any working/traveling parent! Be careful to keep priorities straight. :)

    Smiles, Bethany

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