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Crafting a compelling elevator speech

Your elevator speech is a verbal business card or billboard

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4.) Packaging. Unless your packaging is what makes your product or service unique, such as video conferencing, then leave it out of your short description.


Formula for composing a great elevator speech:

Your Name + Target Market + Benefits


Your Name + Product/Service + Target Market + Benefits


I'm Tracy Manning.  I facilitate virtual teams to maximize their productivity.

I'm Jonathan Smith.  I guide at-risk teens to develop their sense of self-esteem and stay in school.

I'm Jane Doe.  As a room designer, I partner with new homeowners who want to their new home to feel like a summer cottage in England.

I'm Jason Horn.  Carpet Layers International specializes in quality installations for property owners with round staircases.

Take note of the strong verb used in each of the examples.  You will want to choose an equally impactful verb for your elevator speech.

I suggest using the formula to create a basic elevator speech and then spice up the language. Once you've crafted a couple of elevator speeches you'll want to test them out to see which gets the best response. After you've identified the winner, the key to using it effectively is to practice, practice, practice.  Say it out loud in front of a mirror until it flows comfortably off your tongue.

Your elevator speech describes who you are and what you do professionally.  Take pride in it.

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