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Build your "celebrity with integrity" status

5 ways to use photos and facebook

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As a coach, consultant, author or speaker or other small business owner, you are always in the mode of creating your "expert status." That means that you know enough about your clients, their needs and desires and solutions to help them, that you can claim expertise in this area. Many marketing gurus talk about being a "rock star" or "celebrity," and many heart-centered entrepreneurs have trouble with these terms.

I like to position it that you are creating your "Celebrity with Integrity" status. It has a ring to it, not only when you say it, but also for being authentic and in the limelight, and at the same time aware of your responsibility and values.

Let's face it... your clients want to work with successful people, just like you do. You like to know that when you hire a coach or a consultant they have a certain amount of experience, they have resources, they invest in themselves, and are constantly keeping up with the fast changing world.

 With social media, it's easy to create and share real examples of your expertise. Here are five easy examples of how to post pictures on Facebook to build your "Celebrity with Integrity" platform.

(Remember your friends want to know you are successful and you want to portray your success in real, authentic ways.)

1.) Post pictures of you speaking. Whether you are speaking to a small group or large, post pictures of you in action. Nothing speaks louder than photos (well, except video) of you sharing your expertise with people who want to be with you.

2.) Post a photo of you attending a workshop. Your potential clients and colleagues (think potential joint ventures and referrals) like to know that you invest in yourself, are learning new strategies and tools, and are connected with movers and shakers in your industry. The fact that you spend money on your personal growth speaks volumes.

3.) Post a photo of you with a well-known leader or celebrity. Success breeds success! Who you hang out with sets a tone for your own credibility (just like momma said!).

4.) Post a photo of your vacation and travels. I know this goes down the path into sharing personal information, but in this day and age where many potential clients will hear about you first on the Internet -- they want to know that you walk your talk of enjoying your success.

5.) Share photos of your passions, hobbies and loves. Your peeps are getting to know you first through your words and photos. I know you worry about being "professional" -- I think that word alone can kill a marketing brand. Professional can also mean boring, vanilla, blending in to the sea of other "professionals" just like you. You have to stand out and be interesting and remarkable. Share photos of your kids, cats, cars, your hobbies -- be tasteful, of course, unless being un-tasteful is your style.

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