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Pay attention to your 5 energies

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As your business grows and you experience more success it becomes increasingly important to pay attention to your five types of energy to maintain the growth and also to enjoy the journey. Your energy is your number one most important resource when it comes to growing your business. It's more important than money, ideas and, yes, even time. You see, if your energy is depleted, you'll never follow through, no matter how great the idea, how much money you can throw at it or even if you have plenty of time available.

Let's look at your five types of energy and how they impact your business:

1.) Physical Energies. This is the one we are most familiar with, although it may be one we most often take for granted. Our physical energy is about eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, getting good sleep, exercising regularly and taking care of our physical bodes. I'll share that over the last year my business has grown exponentially, and I let it become more important than taking good care of my body. Slowly and unconsciously, I started making quick food choices (not the healthy kind), allowing myself to get dehydrated, drinking just one more soda for the caffeine jolt, and then skipping walking and tennis more and more frequently. So, I started gaining a few extra pounds, getting tired more easily, feeling overwhelmed and having trouble sleeping through the night. It's also a Catch-22 -- as I started getting more tired easily, it seemed like it took more effort than I would expect to keep up with my business growth.

As I made a commitment to taking care of my physical energy, everything is getting back into alignment again. I see how my physical energy makes creativity easier, enhances my clarity and physically makes me feel more confident. All of this leads to growing a business with ease, confidence and flow. Sounds good, doesn't it?

What are you noticing in your physical energies? What is the one place you want to commit to a change?

2.) Mental Energy. Your mental energy is about your clarity, your thoughts and beliefs. We have 68,000 unique thoughts a day -- that is a lot of mental energy! Are yours pulling you down, coming from scarcity and keeping you circling in doubt and anxiety? Or are they generally life supporting and business enhancing?

Just developing an awareness of your consistent thoughts can start to shift them. It's important to notice when you are in doubt, stuck, have fear or anxiety and then shift these corresponding thoughts even a bit to something that is more believable and supportive. It will release the hold on your energy to take confidence and inspired action.

Today, notice if your mind chatter is business-enhancing or business-inhibiting. Just that alone will start to shift you to thinking about what's possible.

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