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Get over your fear of networking

3 reasons it's important to get out there and do it

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“I found that the old way of job search just wasn’t working for me,” Wendell said. “I thought, there has got to be a better way to do this. I knew I had to get out and meet people. Once I changed my approach I got 60 meetings and 30 job offers in just 90 days.”

Through the effective use of networking, Molly was able to land the job she wanted in a field in which she had no previous experience or connections in an industry where not one company had a job opening listed. Through this process she developed an extensive network and learned winning strategies in “the game of networking.”

“That’s when I realized that it’s all about networking in a job search,” Wendell says. “You want to find a job? Shut off your computer and get out and network.”

Networking is a critical business skill that anyone can learn. Your ability to network effectively can directly impact your level of career advancement. When job hunting, networking is essential.

Advance your career by learning how to network effectively. Build confidence by practicing your networking skills in an environment in which you feel safe. Like a muscle, the best way to strengthen your networking skills is through use. So lose the excuses and simply go for it.

Don’t allow your fear of networking to stall your career or job search. Begin building long-term, mutually beneficial connections that will bring benefits now and throughout your career. Heed the advice of best-selling self-help author, Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.: “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”


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