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Breastfeeding in public

6 tips to help you feel totally awesome about it

by Andrea Firmani  |  2232 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

In the last two days I have nursed my baby while sitting on the floor at the Vancouver Aquarium, among the amphibian display, and while perching on a display table beneath a leopard print thong at H+M. When my boy wants to nurse he is ready NOW and quite dislikes the idea of waiting. 

I have found it easy enough to just find a quiet spot and feed my hungry son. No excess blankets or drapes, just my baby snuggled in my lap. I've found that after a year of nursing the whole process is pretty efficient and simple and there is no flashes of body parts or stress. It is all quite efficient and discrete and the two of us have our routine down pat.

So, here you go! A few tips from Mama in the City for feeling totally awesome while nursing your sweet baby in public:

1.) As you wander the city your baby needs to nurse now! Find a hotel that has a large lobby with a scattering of armchairs. This includes most larger hotel chains or even boutique hotels, too. I have nursed Ben many times at the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel downtown. It is excellent for this and especially so as it is connected to Caffe Artigiano! On the same floor as the cafe there is clusters of plush armchairs and tables. No one is ever hanging there because it is not the main lobby floor. You can shuffle the chairs to tilt away from any potential walk by traffic. I have nursed here many times and it is really perfect.

2.) Wear a tank top and a loose sweater so when you lift up your tank to nurse the sweater will cover your side. I find that if I crunch down and put my shoulders closer to my lap you can cover up everything. 

3.) Cross your legs. You are a lady after all! Kidding! Crossing your legs brings your baby closer to you so you don't strain your arms trying to hold all their weight and worry your boob will flop into the public if your arms give out. This is a tip I learned from my sis. Thanks sis! It also creates less space for any tummy skin to flash.

4.) Don't look down at your little one as he has his dinner. For some reason staring down at your baby nursing draws other people to do the same. They follow what you are looking at, so keep your head up and look around. If someone walks by and you feel uncomfortable just smile or catch their eyes. Because you're nice? No -- because they won't really take in the fact your nursing but respond with a stare at your weird smile or smile back. Trust me! Try this one out.

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I try my best to juggle the daily stuff with being a parent and working as a RN in maternity and remaining as cool as I can.

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  • I have breastfeed in many public places (hotels, restaurants, festivals, parks etc;) but for me the best way to make me feel comfortable is to use my handy dandy breastfeeding cover. I know , I know it probably attracts more attention to me but atleast #1 i'm breastfeeding #2 i'm promoting it still #3 i'm comfortable doing it and #4 my baby can go everywhere with me.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Snissaj on 6th August 2009