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Having a baby? What to pack for your labor

Tips from a Mum and a maternity nurse

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There are some extra comforts that will may help you feel cozy. Bring some flip flops that you can wear in the shower as you labor and also around your room and the hallways. Also, bring a pillow from home for both of you because hospital pillows are terrible. Take along a blanket that rolls up small to use initially post partum or for your honey to use. Don't bring the cashmere throw but do bring a little something.

Don't forget to make a list of important phone numbers, a calling card or cell phone and some extra coins. If you want to be super cool and make all your nurses happy pre buy a box of chocolates (not Pot of Gold, please) or a Starbucks gift card. We will treat you the same but we might like you a little bit more.

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I try my best to juggle the daily stuff with being a parent and working as a RN in maternity and remaining as cool as I can.

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