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How to win your ex back

Secret tactics that you may not know

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A broken heart can render a lot of mental trauma for any individual. First and foremost, just know that it is NOT an irreparable loss. Still, don’t expect a miracle to happen that will get back your beloved. Read on to know some manipulated steps to win back a relationship in which you have invested all your heart and soul.

Give S-p-a-c-e. Both you need some Space to recover from the painful shock. Practice a strong will-power to avoid meeting, giving calls, sending SMSs and online chats. This will help to dissolve all the ill feelings that you have lately developed against each other.    

I can (not) live without him/her. Life is a journey. Just understand that right now you are on a bad trail. Stop grieving for the lost love. Try to divert your mind by spending more time with your family and friends. Shop till you drop. Have a blast at a party as if there is no tomorrow! 

Re-union can happen. Once your Ex sees that you seem to enjoy your life without him/her, it would arouse his/her curiosity. The fact will surprise him/her that you seem unfazed at all by the break up. This would drive him/her back to you, seeing that you can withstand even in worst circumstances in life. He/She will also realize that he/she needs to carve some more importance in your life.

The ball is in your court! Once he/she attempts to patch-up, try to make him/her feel more comfortable in your company. Meet and take the initiative of breaking the ice about what went wrong. Clear all your misunderstandings.

If things still don’t seem easy settle down on a fresh start! If they are worse, take it as a blessing in disguise and move ahead in life. Some one better is waiting for you.

You can win ex back only with patience and conviction. It is often said, "True love comes back."


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