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What is outsourcing and how can a Virtual Assistant help me?

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What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the process of selecting a subcontractor to complete tasks on your behalf. This could include, manufacture of products, administrative tasks, logo creation, website design or bookkeeping.

Why outsource?

When starting a new business, many business owners tend to take on a variety of important and vital roles within the business to save time or money or both. Receptionist, Bookkeeper, Sales Manager, Product Demonstrator, Product Manufacturer, Customer Relations, Marketing Manager and Chief Financial Officer just to name a few. But a question any business owner needs to ask themselves is how much is my time worth? Do I have the necessary skills to perform these roles consistently and to the high level required of my business? What could and should I be doing instead of these tasks?

Once you have sat down and calculated your true worth in potential sales or services rendered, you may be surprised to learn just how much it is. This is money going untapped and waiting for you to do something about it now!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a highly qualified and experienced Office Professional that utilizes the latest and greatest technology to serve their client….. YOU!

Virtual Assistants are self employed business owners who provide a valuable service to other businesses on a virtual or off site basis, although there are some who offer an onsite service at a higher rate. The industry is made up of Office Professionals, Bookkeepers, Executive Personal Assistants, Office Administrators, Marketing Professionals, Public Relations, Graphic Designers and Website Designers just to name a few.

Some of the services a Virtual Assistant may offer but is not limited to:

• Bookkeeping and BAS preparation

• Contact/database management

• Newsletter creation

• Graphic design and other design services

• Website design, hosting and content management

• Copy writing

• Event Management

• Recruitment Services

• Personal Assistant

• Marketing and Public Relations services

How to outsource

To begin with, you should keep a record of all your business related activities for at least a week. Classify your activities into categories such as administrative tasks, sales, marketing, manufacturing, business building and any other categories that apply to your business. Think about each of the tasks. Are they something you like to do? Do you have the necessary skills to do this task justice? What is more important than the others and what could be delegated?

Now think about your to do list. How big is it? What sort of tasks do you have listed on it and how long have they been there? Are there tasks that you know needs to be done but you just don’t have the time or the skills to do it?

How much money could you save through outsourcing some of these tasks? How much further could you be building your business with adequate support and backup from a Virtual Assistant?

About the Author

Tilda Virtual Services specialises in providing administrative, e-newsletter design, Web site design and technical support to women working from home.

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  • Great post Kylie. We need to keep educating business people about Virtual Assistants and how they can best be used to accelerate a business' growth.

    Marta Costa

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