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3 biggest mistakes with law of attraction

Are you making them?

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So you’ve been studying law of attraction. Reading the books, watching the videos, and going to the workshops. Still, you want to know why isn’t it working for YOU.

I’m a big believer in working with the natural laws of the universe when it comes to building your business. One of those laws is that of working with your energy and knowing how attraction works. Like the law of gravity, you can’t see attraction energy. You just have to trust that it’s at work all the time.

I’ve noticed over the years of working with clients creating businesses using these principles that they run into three common problems. I bet you’ve experienced this, too. The first mistake is that you place your power in the wrong place. You put your power into the vision board, the affirmation, or the intention. For example, you get excited to attract new clients, so you create a vision board featuring pictures and images representing your new ideal client. And then you step back and wonder when the board is going to work its magic.

The problem is that you’ve put the power IN the vision board. The power should be in YOU. The vision board is there to ignite your passion, your desire, your curiosity and your openness. It’s there to ignite the power within YOU, not the other way around. When your power is alive in you, then you engage with life differently. You show up and look for opportunities, you put your intentions out confidently, you speak differently and you write differently. All of these inspired passionate actions bring you closer to what’s on your vision board. You’ve shifted, and therefore, things, people, opportunities shift.

The second mistake I see is you want to manage the timing of your intention. You say you want five new clients, and then you close up and don’t allow the opportunities in. You wonder why it isn’t happening right now. Then you get impatient and irritable and wonder why your business intentions aren’t happenin g this instant. So you start making bargains with the universe. Then things get really messy! The harder you hold on, the messier it gets.

There’s a fine art to being totally committed and letting it unfold. The real key is to carve out quiet time (don’t wrinkle your nose -- you know it’s true!) and listen. Then follow the energy. Usually the steps are in front of you, but you’re too much in a ball of stress to see the lighted path of inspired action. I’ve learned to pay attention to my energy -- it will direct me to what I want and it will happen when I’m ready to allow it.

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