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Elusive Balance

What do you really want?

by Kate  |  3196 views  |  3 comments  |        Rate this now! 

Once in a while you have to rethink the design of your tower and make some adjustments and changes. Today, I have decided to want to do things instead of feeling like I have to do them. By focusing on the outcome of what I want and not the feeling of having to do the task to get there, magically the tasks no longer seems so insurmountable. No surprise that I am happier and more fulfilled today because I am doing exactly what I want to do!

Give it a shot, what is the thing you dread that might benefit from a change in attitude? Do you find more of your ‘have to dos’ are at work or at home? Can you change them to wants by focusing on the outcome instead of the task?

3 comments so far...

  • You are so right! Shifting the focus to what you WANT - like "I want my house clean and presentable" - from "Ugh, I HAVE to clean my house" makes a big difference in my attitude. Plus keeping a focus on what one wants in life reminds me of how my Mom has always advocated "You run your life; don't let your life run you!"

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Anne Florenzano on 19th December 2007

  • I love the tone of this article--being a working mom is tough, and we juggle a lot, but I think it's such a great reminder that often we juggle things we really do want to be juggling. (It doesn't necessarily make it easier, but I think having a positive attitude about it helps.)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 7th November 2007

  • Love this! For the past few years my husband has been saying, 'do you have to or do you want to' every time I say 'i have to...' (yes, you'd think I'd have gotten it by now). Hearing this from someone else brings it all back home. Your outline for balance is a great one, Kate, and I'm looking forward to seeing what others say.

    I'm going to make a concerted effort to change my attitude, too. Especially right now when things are at their stress-iest. Perhaps that will make the balance a bit easier to deal with!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 5th November 2007