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Life Balance--Unrealistic Expectations?

Defining your own life balance

by Meri Raffetto RD, LDN  |  9124 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

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About the Author

Meri Raffetto is a Registered Dietitian, and a columnist for Work It, Mom! and the founder of Real Living Nutrition Services, an online weight loss program that empowers people to make small changes s

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1 comment so far...

  • I always think of 'balance' more in terms of trying to make sure that how I spend my time (a very limited resource) is in line with my values and priorities.

    Values tend to be long term, and lead to things like getting help with the laundry/housework, etc. Whereas, my priorities for any given week can shift if my daughter or husband need more time, I am feeling stressed, or work needs some special attention. I have even acknowledged that some weeks I need to spend some extra time on the house because we are hosting for an upcoming holiday or the overall clutter is getting to me.

    This allows me to align how I am spending time with what is truly important to me, and that leads to much less stress. And, although I tend to map out my week in advance, I allow the time alotted to different activities each week to vary according to needs and my energy levels.

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