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Making a good life

Sometimes good things happen to good people

by Kit Kingsley Basler  |  1577 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

I am on a quest to live a good life. To be happy, healthy and loved, every day. I would like you to try an experiment with me. Let's pretend that we can create the experiences that will bring us happiness. What could it hurt?

This concept resurfaced in my life recently while creating a vision board with a friend of mine. We cut out pictures and words of the kind of things we wanted to bring into our lifes; fabulous vacations, quality family time, big stacks of money, you get the idea. We decided to start small, to create something tangible and build from there. A good parking spot -- perfect.

A few days later I was at SeaWorld with my daughter. We live in the San Diego area and have season passes, so we are frequent visitors. My pass includes parking, so it is always free, but usually not close to the entrance. Just before we got to the parking attendants kiosk, I took my daughter's hand and said "Where are we going to park? Right up front!" After the third time, we did a high five and added a "Whoo Hoo!" for emphasis.

When it was our turn, I handed my pass to the attendant. He scanned it, then asked my zip code. He handed me my parking permit for the day and said "I gave you preferred parking." I thanked him and drove to my shiny, gold-plated, faux-fur lined parking spot. OK, it wasn't that luxurious, but it was "right up front." I did not pay the $5 fee for this privelege, I did not ask the attendant personally for the favor and I have never before had my parking upgraded.

One evening, a few days later, I was meeting my Book Club friends at a restaurant in a mall. I said to my self "Where am I going to park? Right up front, under a light." Again, I found the perfect spot, closest to the mall entrance, under a light.

I invite you to try this experiment and share your results with me. Here are some tips:

1.) Make a game of it, have fun with it. Sing it, rhyme it, make it a joke. The happier feelings you have attached to the process, the better.

2.) State your desire in the positive. "I will find parking, right up front" instead of "I don't want to park in the back forty."

3.) Expect it to work. What have you got to lose?

It's free and takes no time at all, so please join me on my Happiness Journey. I look forward to hearing your stories of success.


About the Author

Kit is a writer, living in the San Diego area with her husband, her daughter and her cat.

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