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Are you ready for 2010?

Get ready for the new year

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The trick-or-treaters are ready to come out, and turkeys are starting to appear at the grocery store. Along with the impending holidays, it’s also that time when we start thinking about ideas for next year. What’s possible? What dreams do you have for your business and for your life? Is this the year where they all really take off?

I want to share with you my three biggest tips for starting off the new year in a powerful way to truly manifest your dreams.

1.) Focus on your three biggest intentions. Make a list of all the things you would like to be, see, experience, manifest, and have in the next year. Then select the three most important ones. So if nothing else happened but these three, then you’d just giggle with the delight of success! Post these three big intentions everywhere so you keep them front and center. Keep them alive!

2.) NOW is the time to carve out time to create and plan 2010. Don’t wait until after the holidays and realize January is already upon you. Right now, open up your calendar and plan time for a creative retreat for yourself, plan your mastermind time, and really commit to your three big intentions. You’ll start off the new year with powerful focus, flow and energy!

3.) Decide on what support you need to be successful. The time of pushing hard, going at it alone, being determined to MAKE things happen is over. The price on our physical, mental and spiritual selves is too steep. Find a like-minded, like-spirited mastermind group to support you and champion your three big intentions and work with a successful mentor coach to help you truly create your three big intentions.

The energy of collaboration, relationship, nurturing and mentorship will move you forward in more powerful ways that are filled with more ease, grace and celebration!

Your homework: Right now -- open your calendar and plan your creative time in 2009 and your 2010 vision. Make a list of possible intentions for 2010. Pick your top three that have the most energy and excitement for you (and yes, there may be some fear... as long as there is excitement, too). These are the BIG THREE! Decide to harness the power of masterminding -- find your tribe of support and commitment. You’ll feel really confident going into the new year knowing you have the love, support, inspiration and motivation from your mentor and a mastermind group. Who is your mentor and mastermind support for 2010?

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