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Babysitter Bitter

Why it's hard to date my husband

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I really like hanging out with my husband. Outside of our house. Alone. (And by alone I mean without children. Other grown ups are free to join us. On occasion. Depending who they are. And, what they're wearing.) But to do this, I've spent the last four years working to secure some trustworthy childcare.

When we lived in New York, we had an awesome babysitting swap gig with this other couple who had a kid our kid's age. This was the deal: Every Friday we sat for them and every Saturday, they sat for us. Post-bedtime. No dealings with kids, just free babysitting or quality time alone with their food and their TV. It was sweet. (Laura? Cal? Move to Boston. Please!?!)

Then we moved. And it's been painful to go on dates. Because our only reliable sitter is 13 and REALLY REALLY into girls ice hockey which limits her availability. Alot. And also, she's, uh, 13.

And there was the bulemic girl who threw up in our bathroom every time she came over.

And there was the one who forgot she was sitting for us on a night we had Red Sox tickets. Yeah, that was a pretty big oopsy.

And then there was the teacher from our kid's former school who's schedule was wide open. Until she got a full time job that paid her more than $14/hr.

And the teacher from our kid's current school who sat once and has refused to do it ever since. Watching TV alone, in a quiet house at night is a pretty tough gig. I'd refuse to do it again, too.

And let's not forget the night we were meeting my doctor friend and her husband, and my cousin and his wife for dinner and we ended up using my cousin's mom as our babysitter. While he PAID for a real sitter to watch his kids.


So, my husband took the bull by the horns, and registered for And thus began a search for our new beacon of hope. Who came in the form of four girls. Three of whom showed for the interview. Two of whom were viable. One of whom we totally want to make out with, but is not available much. The other of whom hasn't returned our phone call. Or email. Which is sort of OK.

So I ask you: What the hell?

Is it that hard to find someone to do nothing for three hours while I go out to dinner with my husband? I will pay you! We're in an economic crisis, people, and no one? Not one person? Is interested in making money for simply watching our HDTV?

OK. I know it's not one of those fancy, new-fangled flat screens that the kids these days seem to like. And I know our Wii games are lame. And our snacks suck. And that our heat is, well, ineffective.

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I'm a mom of two, wife of one, writer, blogger, educator and ice cream lover, desperately trying to keep my head above water. Please check out more of my writing at The Fence.

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