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Top 10 holiday money mistakes (and how to avoid them)

A debt expert shares the wealth

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8.) Over-giving. The holiday season is not about giving too much. The holiday season is about giving something from the heart, so there’s no need to spend too much and go overboard when you are shopping for the holidays. Make your list: This is one more reason why having a specific shopping list can be so helpful.

9.) Procrastinating. Do not wait until the last minute. This will only leave you feeling stressed out, but you will be more likely to go over your budget. Plan ahead of time and purchase gifts earlier rather than later. Shop online: This can be a very effective and cost-friendly technique. The only thing you need to watch out for is the shipping and handling. Thankfully, most places offer free S&H during the holiday shopping season.

10.) Giving bad gifts. Thoughtfulness is the key, but do not give a gift that they will not enjoy. That is just a huge waste of money for you and a disappointment for them. Ask around: Ask friends or family for specific ideas for hat person who is hard to shop for.

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