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Romantic Gestures

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Take that title any way you like it. Ahem.

I saw at article over at titled, “Top Five Romantic Gestures“. Based on the title, I thought it might be a good Friday post for this here column. It wasn’t bad, per se, but it was pretty stereotypical.

For a movie, they told guys to “Suck it up and throw her favorite tear-jerking romance on your Netflix queue“. For the ladies they said, “A superhero movie or the latest action flick may not be your first choice at the multiplex (nor does it seem very romantic), but chances are going to see one would make your guy very happy, especially with a large box of Junior Mints along with your popcorn.

Um. Nine point five times out of ten, I would rather see “a superhero movie or the latest action flick” over a “tear-jerking romance”. Yet another reason why my husband and I get along so well, I s’pose.

They suggested a mini-vacation.

For Her: Sweep her off her feet with a surprise weekend at a bed-and-breakfast in your local wine district or a short trip to someplace warm.

For Him: Why should he and his bros get to have all the fun weekends away together? Grab your guy and head to Vegas, baby!

If you read my personal site, then you know that we just booked a trip to Vegas. We’re both excited, yes, but I think that I have the edge. I thrive on trips to big cities, while he is more than happy to be at one with nature while casting his fishing rod/riding the ATV/going snowmobiling. The fact that he actually suggested Vegas is (totally out of character, and) pretty fantastic.

I’m all for making romantic gestures, but I don’t think that everyone fits in the same mold.

What things can I do to make him happy? Bring home chocolate (He loves it a billion times more than I do), thank him for the hard work he does, take the initiative and clean the floors (He hates dirty floors; I’ve washed the floors approximately five times in ten years of marriage).

What can he do to make me happy? Tell me that he loved something I wrote, eat nachos even though he’d prefer chocolate, buy me a pedicure. I’m easy. (Take that as you may.)

What do you to to show romance to your partner? What kinds of things speak romance to you?

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2 comments so far...

  • I think perhaps Thom and I lack in the romantic gestures dept. He does play with my hair when I ask him to, which is my favorite thing ever. And since he prefers me to drive us everywhere, he does listen to the music I want to listen to (Christian rock instead of his weird music) without complaint.

    In return I don’t nag him about all the time he spends at bars and venues pursuing his dream as an artist to the rockstars.

    And of course multiple times a day we both hear I love you from the other person.

    We may not be traditional in our gestures, but I guess we aren’t doing so bad.

    Carrisa  |  April 9th, 2010 at 9:12 am

  • It’s pretty easy for me when it comes to romantic gestures. My hubby is all about the physical affection thing - holding hands, cuddling while watching TV, giving him a foot rub or a back massage. And like any man, the other way to his heart is through his stomach! He loves it when I bake him tasty treats, and I love doing it for him :-)

    Some of the most romantic things Rob does for me are the little things, the really thoughtful things. In winter, turning the heater on in my office when he gets up, so it’s nice and warm when I start work. He always leaves me notes to say he loves me or hopes I am having a good day. He does my Winsor Pilates DVD with me, EVERY time I do it (without me asking him). He makes me hot chocolates. He sends me text messages during the day. Just lots of little things that make life with him so wonderful :-)

    Hannah  |  April 9th, 2010 at 3:30 pm