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Ideas For Being Active As A Family

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My regular readers know that I am a pretty active person. I run three days a week, and will be running my first half marathon next weekend. I also attend a strength boot camp class two or three times a week and have for the past five years. My husband has taken up running for the cardio — he hates running — and also goes to the gym.

We also spend a lot of time with our kids being active. We place a high priority on family time, whether we’re playing board games or exploring the outdoors. Here are some of the ways we are active together as a family:

1. We go for walks or easy hikes. We live close to a major walking trail and have walked along it since our kids were babies. As they’ve gotten older, we’ve graduated to some of the hiking trails on local mountains.

2. Go for a family bike ride. Now that our kids are older, we invested in some good quality mountain bikes for the family. It’s been a lot of fun exploring the mountain bike trails in our area, or just going for a leisurely bike ride along the creek.

3. Do a 5K run. Our small town hosts a large festival — Actionfest — which includes a large baseball tournament and a number of races. Many families sign up and walk/run the 5K race together. It’s a lot of fun.

4. Go skiing. We took up skiing two years ago as a family. All of us took lessons and now my kids can do black diamond runs. I stick with blue or green runs, because I don’t want to break my legs, but we ski together for most of the day and enjoy both the outdoors and the adventure of it.

5. Go swimming. We spend our summer afternoons swimming in the local lake and in the winter we’ll hit the public swimming pool. There’s a lot of jumping and diving and splashing. We’re all worn out when we’re done, but it’s a good tired.

What active things do you like to do as a family?

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