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Do Your Heart Some Good: Family Volunteering Ideas

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Our family has a pretty easy life, compared to many. My husband and I are both employed, and while we may complain about having too much work, that’s better than having no work. We have a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs and a lot of extras that many families don’t have.

My husband and I grew up in similar households. Our parents worked, we had all of our needs covered, and there was enough left over for extras. This was not the case for some of our friends, and it is not the case for some of the kids my children go to school with. I want my kids to be aware of those in need and to have the heart to help where they can. I am on the Board of our local Food Bank and work in the store, because it hurts my heart that people are hungry. People shouldn’t be hungry in 2013.

My kids know of my work there and elsewhere, and have helped me at the Food Bank. Seeing their cheery smiles while filling up the shopping carts makes my heart nearly burst. Volunteering doesn’t have to be a grown-up thing, and there are ways to volunteer as a family.

1. Your local Food Bank. This is obviously close to my heart, but it’s a good cause. You don’t have to work at the store, but take your kids to the grocery store and load up a bag of groceries to donate.

2. A soup kitchen. Serving food to people is a great gift to both the receiver of the food and the server of the food.

3. Community dinners. I’m not sure if there’s a community Thanksgiving dinner in your community, but there is one in ours. The kids in Sunday school decorate place mats and many volunteers work together to put on a big Thanksgiving dinner for those who wouldn’t have one otherwise.

4. Operation Christmas Child. Grab one of their shoe boxes (or more, if you are able) and have your kids help fill them up. We do a “boy” one and a “girl” one, because my kids love to pick items for kids of the same gender.

Those are a few of the things that we do as a family, volunteer-wise. Do you volunteer? How else can others get involved with volunteering?

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