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Creative Advent Calendar Ideas

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Growing up, my siblings and I had the $1 advent calendars and thought they were amazing. We got to pop open one of the tiny doors each day and have a tiny bite of chocolate and it was the greatest. I bought my own kids those same plastic calendars filled with plastic chocolate for many years, and they were as excited about them as they should be.

I thought I could do better, and then realized that I could. There are so many fun options out there. Some are out of our budget this year, but they might happen next year. In the meantime, I’ll stick with what we started two years ago.

1. An advent calendar on a chalk board. We bought it at our local grocery store and it’s pretty basic. Days 1 through 24 painted on a chalk board, and you cross each day out with chalk. We buy good chocolate and keep it in a jar — the kids get to pick one chocolate each day when they cross the number out.

2. Lego Star Wars. This would BLOW MY KIDS’ MINDS. It would also blow our budget (we have three kids). Hopefully we can make it work next year.

3. This tin and chalkboard advent calendar from Starbucks. Forget the kids — this one is for me.

4. Pottery Barn Kids Telluride advent calendar. I love the pockets that you can tuck treats into.

5. This wooden advent calendar is my favorite. Little wooden boxes for treats, plus 24 ornaments to hang on the tree. I’m putting in an Amazon Prime order and that little baby just went into my basket. Merry Christmas to ME. And to the tree at our cabin.

Do you have any great advent ideas to share? There are many to choose from — how do you celebrate advent?

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